Safety & Quality Policy

Safety Policy

Fire is a potential hazard and understanding the severe consequences it can lead to, the company will establish a safety committee. This commission would consist of management and labor representatives, whose responsibility would include identifying hazards and unsafe work practices, removing possible obstacles in the way of ensuring accident prevention, and helping in evaluation of company’s efforts to achieve an accident and injury free workplace.

Quality Policy

At Speedtek Engineers Pvt. Ltd. we value the relationship we share with our clients, and we are committed towards maintaining a long-term partnership with each of our customers. We understand that customer faith is built by efficient and timely delivery of products and services, and thus, we maintain high quality standards. We make sure that all quality checks are in accordance with the quality standards and that the quality assurance practices are made prior to the delivery, so that the customers do not have to face any difficulties.

Scope Of Growth

The strategic objective is to grow Speedtek Engineer’s core business through targeted regional and market expansion. Our development strategy also focuses of developing alliances and introducing new and technologically advanced products. To ensure customer satisfaction and reliability, we seek to enhance service and maintenance capabilities, and specialist skills via improved efficiency and supply chain management.